Best juicer EVER

..I drink lemon water daily...Β  tried different juicers.Β  This is it.Β  ..less cranking on the lemon. Gets every drop of juice. Doesn’t slide around on the counter. Has a strainer. Two pour spouts.Β  ..Lightweight.Β  Thank you for a lemon juicer that makes sense.

JM - Amazon Customer (12/26/2019)

Big is not always better

I just received this little juicer and love it.Β  It is simple to use and clean and more importantly you can keep the seeds from going into your juice.Β  Love it for juicing for lemonade, for ice tea, and for lemon pie.

-J. Forrest (12/3/2019)

Can't believe how much juice I get from one lemon

..Easy to use and can't believe how much juice I get out of just one lemon.Β  ..For me I do a couple lemons in some water in the morning and it's not a problem.

Steve - Amazon customer (12/3/2019)

Easy to use even with my arthritis

I can juice several lemons or limes without pain in my hands and wrists.Β  Does a very efficient job of juicing and the top strains any small seeds or pulp out of the juice.

TK - Amazon customer (2/27/2020)

All Around Great Juicer

I am amazed at how well this juicer works.Β  I have a hand-held lemon squeezer... This little juicer is far superior.Β  ..Extracts much more juice and holds back both the seeds and pulp.Β 

Amazon customer (2/22/2020)

The Ultra-efficient Lemon Juicer

ARK Reamer's - EZ Citrus Juicer

A breakthrough!Β  We were giddy as school girls when the 12th iteration finally got the green light from our factory!Β  They said it couldn't be done. But after 3 years toiling and testing, over 27,000 dollars in prototypes, and customer trial interviews - we finally made it, perfecting it for you!

We're SO grateful persistence won out!

Why all the excitement for a lemon juicer?Β  Well, if you've ever gotten funky-tasting lemon water,Β  want to stick to a healthy routine,Β  or a better way to squeeze lemons or limes - you know why... to make it EASY!

Besides, EZ Citrus Juicer is unlike any other manual juicer, squeezer, or electric juicer.

So, we'll let our customers speak for themselves... (on our product page).

EZ Citrus Juicer