How To Acquire A Health Super-power (In Just 3 Minutes!)


Back in the 1960s, if you went to your local grocery store there were hardly any food labels.  That's cause at the time, almost all meals were prepared fresh in the home from a few ingredients - like fresh ribs with salt & pepper (Mmmm!  Argentinean style!). 

And due to the introduction of manufactured or convenience foods, the public had a right to know what was in the foods that they were eating. 

So in 1978, the first set of food labeling laws were enacted. 

But that's not all. 


In the 1980s, there was an alarming rise in chronic diseases and deaths.  Scientists at the time, attributed this to the increased consumption of packaged convenience foods, and observed a correlation between diet and nutrition. 

And the issue became how the new food labeling guidelines should look like.  Because consumers found that the labels caused more confusion than better healthy choices. 

And of course, big business won the labeling wars because today, we are still dealing with chronic diseases. 


But I'm going to give you a super-power to beat them, and give you power over your own health.  In 3 minutes (actually, in less time). 

And here's how. 


(CAVEAT: You must do this within 24 hours or you'll forget it.)

When you go to the supermarket, bring your smartphone.  Pick up something that you regularly buy and take a picture of the entire food label that you usually see - focusing specifically on the "Ingredients" heading - way at the bottom in small print.  Once you take the photo, blow it up with your fingers to at least 4 times magnification, and read what is on there.  Because its small for a reason - so you don't read it. 

And just remember these 2 principles

1- If there's less than 6 ingredients.  That's good!  

2- If you can understand what the ingredients means...  That's great! 

If either of the above are not clear, use to find out what they are.  You will be amazed at what you discover is in your foods.  I make it a rule to never eat anything that I don't understand, and if you do this, you will feel better within the first week.  BONUS: If you keep this up for 30 days - you will also lose weight naturally!  Why? Cause you will have released these chemicals out of your body.  AND you will have acquired a Super-power in less than 3 minutes time.  (You can also use this on other labels also). 


So congratulations - you've just acquired a Super-power for good health!