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A Big Deal?
That dreaded flu feeling. Joints aching. Stuffy head and fever. Even strong, grown men have cracked under the flu.
And now there is corona-virus. 
But is this a big deal? Because in the US, every year, about 61,000 deaths occur due to the flu. 
Hmmm. Maybe we need to be more concerned about the FLU?
So, how can we kick the flu and corona-virus to the curb?  Is this even possible?
Yes.  And it’s easier than you think.   I’ll show you the secret powerful remedy. 
An Unusual Man In Uncommon Times
In 1747, death from a whole host of diseases was common. Death from infection was common. Because the bacteria had yet to be discovered.
Uncommon was finding a cure.
More uncommon was conducting a documented clinical trial of patients and symptoms, and seeing improvement fast.  Like 6 days fast! 
Some of the symptoms then were: Difficulty breathing, aching joints, fever, and head aches.  And because of hygiene, symptoms would increase or grow worse, including - inflamed gums, rotting teeth, inflamed or skin ulcers, and even creaking joints and brittle bones. Since these symptoms appeared one right after another, (at the time) it would all be lumped into a commonly feared disease known as scurvy. 
But on May 20th 1747, Royal Naval Surgeon James Lind would start the first clinical trial and unexpectedly discover the cure.  
He'd line up 12 men in groups of 2 to each room, and treatment, and see who showed improvement and who did not.
The results were shocking. 
It was the first documented test of its kind.  It tested for 6 different competing remedies. 
And it was so effective that the British Royal Navy would eventually honor him as a hero.
And so amazingly effective, that within 10 days, the men who took the remedy were brought back from near death to being declared ready for work duty! 
The Hidden Secret In the Royal Crest (scroll down to see below..)
To be fair, James Lind did not favor the remedy.  On the contrary, his favored remedy failed miserably. 
But he was willing to try anything.  To save lives.
Of course, at the time, this was all highly controversial.  There were “experts” who argued that this was not possible.  They argued loudly to be right.
Instead of being helpful.
So it took almost 50 years later, for the Royal Institute of Naval Medicine (I.N.M.) to honor James Lind as a hero.  And to this day, the Royal Navy put his cure in their official crest - a single lemon tree. 
The Official Royal Navy Remedy
Nowadays we forget or simply write off the past. Worse, like in 1747, controversy can surround simple proven cures.  Experts with high degrees and loads of credentials talk and argue with agendas or self-interest.
They argue to be right.
Instead of being helpful.
I am no medical doctor and I have no big credentials. But I have used the secret remedy of James Lind.  And here, I will reveal the official Royal Navy remedy as it was given to Royal Officers in 1795. (Yes, it took almost 50 years for the Royal Navy to understand the power and effectiveness of this remedy.)
Because this remedy is not only effective against the flu. 
It also fights fine lines and wrinkles by supporting collagen growth.
And it helps get rid of pain and inflammation by supporting cartilage and bone growth.
Brain fog?
It helps protect against free radicals by binding and transporting it out of your blood stream.  It’s why in some hospitals, intravenous vitamin C therapy was once a protocol.
So here’s the secret recipe - freshly squeezed juice from one (1) lemon and two (2) oranges. 
That’s it. Simple. No frills. 
Oh, and don’t even think of buying the boxed juices from your supermarket. Because it was also discovered that boiling it, to preserve it, destroys the key ingredients (live enzymes?) in the lemons. 
Limes?  It was also discovered then, that limes had less than half the ingredients needed.  Hence the derogatory term - limey.
So, get your daily lemon water routine to kick the flu’s ass this season.
You will feel and look great too!