Is MS genetic?

Imagine you bought a brand new Ferrari.  Would you fill it up with 87 octane fuel?  Or fill the sports car with all sorts of junk and forget to maintain it?  Of course not, because over a period of time, you’d destroy the beauty of a racehorse engine and car that makes it a Ferrari!

The main issue why most all people show symptoms of MS is due to a lack of specific nutrients over a prolonged period of time (or too much of the wrong foods as fuel for the body).  Here’s another way to look at it - the enormous amounts of toxic foods we classify as “edible foods” is what many people eat on a daily basis in non-toxic quantities.. pizza, soda pop, sandwiches, etc.  But what happens when people eat this on a daily basis without “nutrient-dense” foods?  Over a period of like 10 years, the body’s resources get exhausted and depleted.  And then disease.  Chronic pain.  MS.  Worst of all - cancer. 
Even worse, this is nothing new.  Since Roman times, Hippocrates even confronted this dilemna and documented treatments, related to food, lifestyle & environment.

The question of whether our health problems are inherited (genetic) or environmental-based has only been in the last century (from our advancements into the microscopic & genetic world), since we were able to prove that there were genes that show they are defective upon birth.  Of course, no one ever proves (& publishes) that it is due to chemical agitants like Agent Orange or a heightened environmental imbalance (plant-based toxin like arsenic, or concentrated mercury) that causes these issues in birth, but it is easier to say that it is genetic-based.  Because it is EASY to see this in the advancements of this era.  Then, it is even easier for drs. to create a solution that uses these new advanced tools (never mind it was man-made chemicals that caused our bodies to react & express the disease, in the first place).  (Because Hippocrates said, when there’s a problem to look among the solutions to date, and not to go re-inventing “new solutions” when past solutions are just as effective.) 

Take MS, for example.  What it is, is the body’s in-ability to regenerate muscle and nerve tissue.  This is why it hurts to move because the muscle has begun to decompose - therefore the tiredness, aches, and many times imobility of certain parts of the body.  And with time, if the real issue is not addressed (& I don’t mean painkillers which just paralyze nerve pathways), it leads to paralysis.  Because it lacks nutrients to build itself up.  And its not just one vitamin that's missing but a bunch of vitamins and minerals that are missing due to the foods we eat and our industrial way of commercial agriculture.

Therefore, although it is still believed to be a genetic issue by drs., I totally disagree.  In my opinion, it is not.  It is environment-based and by environment I mean what food you eat in your current environment.  Just like in Hippocrates time, over 2700 years past. 
Another way to prove this (and I found this out AFTER I cured myself...), is by watching youtube videos of  “Dr. Terry Wahls” (of TED fame)...  just google the name and her TED Talk..  but it may no longer be within TED due to pressure from big-pharma interests).   I had to dig up obscure cures for MS and analyze whether they had any efficacy to try them.  Most all of have merit and backed by real science, evolution science and anthropology.  But not according to mainstream medicine.