One Of The Most Overlooked Problems with Fresh Lemon Water

This is a lesson that I learned firsthand from helping a friend.  I’d already spent a couple hours time listening to her daily routine.  But what I did not prepare for was the lack of progress especially after the first three days.  And I was stumped.  Because I began to question whether my research and understanding was wrong or even began to question my own recovery lessons.  So I asked if I could shadow her for a whole day’s routine, literally.  And what I discovered, blew me away!

Water.  It is the most precious and undervalued ingredient that we take for granted.  And my friend was making her lemon water with tap water!  Now, I get that New York City has potable drinking water.  But the campaign that promotes it as “the best in the world”, is in fact a debunked myth (see since it like saying you’re the best of the worst.  Because the chemicals (such as pharmaceuticals, lead from old building pipes, and chlorine, and other proven cancer causing chemicals) are enough to contaminate your lemon water to prevent the beneficial nutrients from being absorbed due to the gut’s defense mechanism to block off these chemicals.  Finally, 2 days after she changed her water source, she was able to feel better!

The Best Types Of Water

There are several different schools of thought on the best types of water for drinking.  I highly suggest checking out Shawn Stephenson’s “Model Health Show” on “The Truth About Your Water Supply…” (I have no connection and do not get paid for recommending this).  I’m just going to recommend the 3 simple best types of water for you to drink, and make your lemon water.  Here’s the 3 best types:

1-Spring water

2-Distilled water (bought cheaply in gallon containers in grocery stores)

3-Purified water (with ceramic or carbon block filters that take out out all bacteria and bad chemicals, like the “Cerametix filter”).

So, if you’ve tried almost everything and nothing has changed, try changing your drinking water.  Measure how you feel, after a week’s time.   You’ll feel FABULOUSLY surprised what this 1 thing does for you – in terms of inflammation, RA pain, fatigue or even brain fog.   

I’d love to hear from you if this was helpful!