FDA Food safe certification: EZ Citrus Juicer

Designed by 3 Paleo – FDA food safe certified. 100% BPA-free plastic. NO heavy metals. NO Aluminum. NO lead (from some glass or ceramics).

EZ Citrus Juicer - the ONLY juicer with "FDA food safe certification" 

WHY Show Our FOOD SAFE Certification?

Is your lemon squeezer (or citrus juicer)  safe?

Did you know that the most toxic chemicals at the turn of the century were made with heavy metals?  Lead, mercury, and aluminum were hidden culprits in many chronic conditions of the 1800s that caused conditions relating to hysteria  and Mad-hatter disease in the middle-class in Europe?  There were even some instances of Multiple Sclerosis but since this was not well understood at the time, and there was little documentation.  Except for the occasional journal of symptoms (earliest was from  Augustus d’Este: 1794–1848).  And this was because people were willing to sacrifice health to be fashionable, without knowing the consequences of what they were using or wearing.  In the 1860s, for example, top hats were made with real feathers and the only way to glue them together was with a thinning coagulator (kind of an emulsificant) that required mercury


But what’s that got to do with a lemon squeezer?  

Citrus juicers are not new.  In fact, they’ve been around since the 1800s. That’s why if you look on ebay, you can find a glass reamer (lead?) or an aluminum lemon squeezer (Alzheimers?).   (Please, I recommend you NOT use those.) 

And that brings me to the metal juicers or squeezers – How do you know if they are free of toxic metals these days?   Because I have never seen any certification from any manufacturer that they are free of lead-based paints (or enamel), aluminum (or other heavy metals), or mercury plating.  And I’ve never seen any food grade certificate from the “safe” plastic ones either. 


Then why plastic?

Imagine you just returned from a sunny stroll on the beach.  As you hit the shower, you start lathering up with soap in your hands.  And just as you reach for the glass bottle of shampoo, it slips out of your hands - Oops!  

Or you're in the kitchen and start to pull out your glass citrus reamer - but it drops on the floor by accident. 

In the 1960s the CDC had a report that over 58% of ER accident visits were due to breakage accidents in the kitchen or bath.  Accidents in the home was also the #1 cause of injuries and deaths.  How many of those accidents could have been avoided by responsible use of plastics? 

So, this is why we decided to make our ultra-efficient citrus juicer in plastic. Plus, the Gerson Institute (p.6) prefers plastic citrus juicers, as a safe alternative, rather than aluminum juicers or squeezers due to the toxic limonene oils from the outer peel.  And to avoid the bacteria from the outer peel!  


So, we decided to make an ultra-efficient juicer AND show our certification

EZ Citrus Juicer – with ARK Reamer is food-grade certified – free from BPA, with NO heavy metals, NO Aluminum, and NO lead.  We are the ONLY manufacturer to show our 3rd party, FDA food safe certification online (see above). 


 3 Paleo’s EZ Citrus Juicer is FDA food safe certified.

EZ Citrus Juicer  – MORE juice, LESS effort.  and safe.